Here are a few adverts I made while I was at Max Merch,

They are all pretty much the same, as they ran over the same period of time, only changing the products down the side to more relevant ones each month, I also jazzed it up a little over christmas.

The original logo was designed for the company long before I got there, which I then expanded on and developed, I also took one of the assets from the original set of advertising which was done for the company as the management liked it, and didn’t want to deviate too much from it, this was the crowd/waving hands in the background, I expanded on this and developed it a little.

Everything else was made by me.

All the products featured in these adverts were also photographed by me.

(i even made the little speaker dude, we call him max. he’s in a glass cabinet in the shop if you want to go look at him!)  he was then photographed, and used as a logo.

This campaign ran over 3 months in late 2010, and was present in Classic Rock Magazine, and Metal Hammer magazine, we also had one advert in Big Cheese magazine in Jan/Feb 2011

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