54mm STC Colonial Habitat

This arrived for me in the post yesterday, the 54mm scale STC Colonial Habitat for the game Inquisitor by Games Workshop
Inquisitor 54mm STC Colonial Habitat

Inquisitor 54mm STC Colonial Habitat

purchased on a whim, mainly because it’s going to be part of the collection, rather than for a proper terrain piece for a board.
Terrain was always the major issue for most people, the biggest excuse why not to support the game (and my biggest bugbear!), this was the only piece GW ever released specifically for the game. It’s not the best, but it’s actually a lot better than I was expecting when I ordered it.
This was (in my opinion) a fairly weak piece of terrain when it was released, but at the time I don’t think GW did a very good job of terrain. It’d always been hit or miss.
The necromunda boxed set was incredible, a fantastic mix of high quality cardstock and plastic terrain many sets are still being used to this day. Mordheim in 1999 took that to the next level, although the nature of those buildings (although visually awesome) meant they were quite susceptible to damage. Still both awesome boxed sets.
On the whole though the rest of the terrain was pretty rubbish. Remember the card buildings that came in the 2nd ed starter set? Yeah, no one else does either…
I don’t know the exact times, but you can easily buy clonazepam online usa and round about the same time as inquisitor was released (within a year each way), GW terrain took a big leap forward with the multipart plastics like the Basilica Administratum & Manufactorum.
These were, and still are superb bits of terrain, but because of the door height, a lot of people couldn’t get over the fact they were designed for 28mm and simply wouldn’t try and use them for 54mm.
The STC hab was supposed to be the “answer”, but it didn’t fit the same theme, and out the box it’s just a brown lump with very little character when compared with the new shiny multipart kits.
it’s a real shame there weren’t any other pieces brought out to supplement this piece, because with a little love and attention it can come out really really nice, with a couple of other supplementary bits we could have seen some really nice, easily accessible boards being easily put together which could have had a serious impact on the way the game was viewed by the average hobbyist.
What’s your views on the STC hab?
Have you got one? or 10?
Let’s see your terrain for your tables! Post em’ below!
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  1. Richard

    We’ve got one of these in our club scenery stash and I’ve always wondered what it was. I thought it was just a 40k bunker.


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