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Today I got the chance to play a game of infinity by Corvus Belli Miniatures, I found out about Infinity from Beasts of War, an online community for Miniature wargames fans. They do some fantastic vids, check them out!

I saw the infinity miniatures on the BoW website, and thought they were fantastic, however, without seeing a ruleset to go with them, and looking at the prices of them, I thought I would give them a miss.

As usual though, I couldn’t ignore them for long, and with BoW’s “infinity week” a couple of weeks ago (check out their infinity week videos HERE), I got a little more into it, and realised that their game system looks pretty good. And, it uses boards which are FILLED with terrain, and I love boards which are filed with terrain. It means you actually have to think about what you are doing, not just march blindly across the table and shoot with vast arcs of fire at anything in your path.

So, when Dave mentioned he’d bought the book and wanted a game, I jumped at the chance. I’ve seen quite a lot of them make use of mobile casinos and game nights to learn a thing or two about betting and making money. Often, they tend to play games like Age of Gods (you can tap here to learn how to play Age Of Gods), Goblin’s Cave, Starburst, Scatter Symbols, and more on the online platforms. Some may even choose to bet and gamble on the particular game that they are playing using free spins and bonuses. You may have a million doubts such as if you should choose a Payforit casino or any other platform for betting. You could research a bit or ask experts regarding the same.

I’d like to point out before I go much further here, this game used proxies for models, nothing is painted, and the terrain was a miss match of stuff we could find. while Dave might have took the plunge to purhase the rulebook, neither of us were going to spend money on miniatures and terrain until we’d at least had a bash at the rules and seen if the game was worth it or not!
so, when you look at the pictures below and go “WTF? those are just unpainted imperial guardsmen!?” yes. yes they are.

So. here goes. battle report for training game with infinity rule set.

I decided to use (or proxy) Some imperial Guardmen models as Ariadna Highlanders. We played a 150 pts game, and the games, so we could play through quickly, as neither of us know the rules. When it comes to betting on sports from websites where you get the best promos at, nothing can compete with the sheer thrills, joys and diversity of online betting, UFABET opens the door for sportsbook players to wager on their favorite sports. Check out all that you can bag through the Mr Play Sports Bonus Code UK right here in this link.

I used a Highlander Lieutenant, eight Highlanders, and an S.A.S Sniper.

Dave used Nomads, and used a Reverand Moira as his Lieutenant, three moderators, two zeros, and a Sin eater.

This was our first game. Now, unlike a mobile game where the experience can be fun mainly because of how effortless the learning curve is or the instant rewards that come with it (this Solitaire Cash review sums it up pretty well), we realize that we would have got lots of things wrong with this BoW offering. So please feel free to point out these mistakes, as its all about learning the game, but also bear in mind that we are only learning, and will be making mistakes. In a similar vein, try to include minimal monetary rewards in your game, otherwise it can become a form of gambling for you and you might become addicted. Gambling addiction can be particularly troublesome, and one might need specialized rehabilitation (similar to gambling addiction treatment in Thailand), where they can undergo a therapeutic process to overcome the addiction problem.

Coming back, here was the table before we deployed:

This gaming table is also a bit of a miss match of different scenery pieces, like the proxy models we used.

The two white based buildings in the centre (bottom) of the image are Games workshop 40k terrain, the big brown square to the right is also GW terrain from the 3rd or 4th edition 40k box, while there are also some hand made buildings (made from card and painted with textured paint), made by simon, one of the lads at the club, these were made for Flames of war, for a russian themed table, which was nicknamed “simongrad”, but as we needed LOTS of terrain for this game, we borrowed it for the time being.

So, we set up, we did a face to face roll for initiative, I won, and decided that I would go first, so we set up. heres how it went after that (there won’t be too much detail, and the game unfortunatly didn’t last all that long!!)

Turn 1: Chris

My sniper opened up the show by moving into a firing position in the top of one of the buildings (he started just a tad too far away to be able to shoot out of a window), then using his second short action to start firing at Dave’s Moderator(I think?), he missed. So did Dave with his ARO (Automatic Reaction Order).

I deciced to use another action point to get another shot off, I missed again, Dave didn’t. I took a wound, which, after only having one wound, and no medic on the field effectivly made me dead. awesome. My first action, and I get my best character killed. Go me!

I then moved everyone else, after remembering what the BoW videos said about movement, and how you should stay in cover as much as possible, I managed to sucessfully move all of my guys forward, while staying in cover. A not so bad end to the epic fail of a start to my turn.

Turn 1: Dave

During Dave’s first turn, he also moved quite a bit, His sin eater moved into a strong LoF position, which although putting him in the open, closed up the amount of places I could successfully move, without being shot by his sin eater, and with the Sin eater having a better gun than all my guys, this was a solid move by Dave.

He also moved a guy up the middle of the field, towards my little group of highlanders, who were, previously in cover, to this guy though, they were three guys in the open standing in line.
He opens fire, I miss with ARO, he hits, I fail my save, another guy down. effectivly, another guy dead.
He repeats the process, the same thing happens. I miss with ARO, he hits. I fail my save. I’m now three guys down. its not looking good.

(you cant see it very well in the pic, but that bottom window has a guy hiding in it who picked off two of my highlanders. the git.)

Turn 2: Chris

Since my Lieutenant has just had two highlanders gunned down around him, he’s in the open, and has a guy in front of him, he decides to open fire. Its a good move. Its the best move, surely? nope. dead. I missed, Dave hit with ARO, I failed my save. Four guys unconscious with no way of getting them back up. Bugger.
I move the rest of my guys, thoroughly demorolised, I’ve lost five guys out of my starting ten. my Lt. my S.A.S sniper, and three highlanders, to a grand total of Zero hits, nevermind kills on Dave’s guys.

Turn 2: Dave

Dave moves his Lt. up towards my guys going on a flanking mission, (or suicide mission judging by the current state of play), he shoots one, and kills him, again my guy fails his ARO.

Turn 3: Chris

I use two of my action points to promote one of my guys to a Lt. This wastes some action points, but keeps me in the game, for now.
One of my guys moves up, shoots his rifle three times, he hits three times! Huzzah! but, dave passes his ARO, and gets a better hit than me, everyone saves.

However, my last guy takes his mate’s example and shoots Dave’s Lt. (Reverend Moria), and kills it. BOOM. I finally do something!!

Turn 3: Dave

Unfortunately I’m now down to five guys from ten, Dave manages to pick off another one of my guys. That puts me on four, he’s taken out 60% of my force, so they bugger off.
Victory to Dave.
Epic fail to Chris.

a few more pics of the game/table

So, after we finished the game (after having lots of fun playing it!), we both realise a few blinding errors.
Such as, Dave Reverend Moira has a special item that means he has a -6 to hit penalty, which if he’d remembered about, I might not have killed him.

We also realised we both should really have taken a medic, I ended up being two points under, If I had taken a medic instead of one highlander, (medicis 13 pts, highlander 12), I would have stood a much better chance of getting somewhere!!

So, as the game didn’t take long, we decided to play another, unfortunately, by this point,I had got sick of recording what was going on, and had put the camera away, which is a shame, as this game was much better!!

After turn one was finished, I noticed some special rules, which, are quite clear and blindingly obvious but I had totally overlooked!
it would seem that all the highlanders have impetuous, which means that they get a free order at the start of every turn. This effectivly means that they get to go twice in every turn!
This can be a downside, as they have to move towards the enemy, and, they can use all their actions, only some basic ones like move, shoot, CC attack etc, and for every action I get there is a chance that the enemy gets an ARO. But still, I get to pretty much do everything twice!!
If I’d have known this in the first game It could have been very different! (who am I kidding, I would have just died twice as quick!)

I also found out that most of my guys have a rule that means they can ignore going unconcious, however, they will die as soon as they stop having actions spent on them, this wouldn’t have helped me very much in the games today, but I can see where it could come in handy in the future, if I have a couple of spare actions, I could use them to make a last stand sort of attack, if it looks like a good thing to do!

We also both decided in our second game to get a medic, which seems to be the only real way forward, he saved the life of the sniper, who, as I found out, had camouflage. which seems obvious, but I totally forgot. oops.

Anyway, this game seemed a lot more balanced, and suprisingly, we’d both picked it up very quickly, by the second game we pretty much knew what we were doing, (or at least we think we do?)
I still lost in the end, losing six guys again, and my Lt. I think in future I’ll take a couple of guys who have a higher survivability factor, hopefully this will keepme away from the magic 60%.
I took out more of dave’s guys in the second game, and he was close to 60%, but close isn’t good enough!

Overall I enjoyed both games, and I definalty think that I’m going to get some Infinity miniatures. First though, I think I’m going to work on some terrain for it, as I can use Guardsmen as pretty convincing proxies for Ariadna troopers.
But the scenery we currently have doesn’t fit in at all with the feel of Infinity, whereas infinity terrain could easily fit with 40k.
So i think my time would be better spent on terrain at the moment.

I’ve been given some silicon, by a guy who makes moulds professionally which are bought by the company I work for, and he’s given me some tips on casting, so I think i’m going to try a simple road block, and cast it with resin plaster, which should work quite well. I just need something to cast first, so I’ll need to build the first one out of plasticard before I can make my mould.
I’m also toying with the idea of cardstock terrain, some of it looks rubbish, but the higher quality stuff looks really good. and with my photo printer going to be back up and running very soon (cartridges have been dispatched!), I’m thinking about buying a couple of PDF’s, or, even making my own (i am a graphic designer after all! I should really attempt it at least!!)

No doubt I’ll blog my results if and when, I mean, as and when they happen.

Thanks for reading.


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  1. Gobbo

    nice report. Glad you are loving Infinity. Keep up the great work and draw more players in. We now have 20 players since we started a weekly group at an FLGS.


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