We got a band in to do a store signing in october 2010, called We Are the Ocean, the signed T-Shirts and posters before they played a gig in Newcastle.

It was pretty¬†successful, and everyone had a great time, probably more so before hand by shouting “its rex manning day!” all day before they arrived, ¬†if you don’t understand, you should probably go watch empire records. no seriously, do it. do it now.

Anywhoo. here is the poster I created for the event.

I used a pre-existing photo of the band (as obviously I didnt meet them until that night), and created a variety of posters in various sizes and shapes to go up round town and in the shop, I was pretty chuffed when the lead singer of the band asked if he could have one of them. he probably asks at every venue, but still, he wanted my poster. which is kinda cool.

we are the ocean poster

we are the ocean poster

This particular image was the one which was displayed on the screen in store, and used for Facebook.

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