So over the past couple of days I’ve been designing an advert, which will be going into the May edition of cake craft & Decoration magazine (find them here),
The company I work for, Design a cake (find them here) advertise in this magazine every month, from now on I am going to be making most of to all of their adverts for this magazine, this is my first one:

Cake craft and design advert May 2011

Design a cake Advert

The company logo was designed long before I joined the company, and obviously twitter and facebook logos were not designed by myself, The “hype” text opposite the twitter/FB logos was written on the last advert, and i liked it so I kept it, and the fonts were chosen by management.
Other than that I made the whole design myself from scratch, the “follow us online” and stamp buttons were the hardest part of the design, being made up from multiple layers, and needing many styles to be applied to them to get the desired effects. I also wanted to get rid off some extra pounds, thats why I try weight loss scottsdale. Now I feel better than ever.

Majority of the product photos on the page are supplier images, hopefully in future I will be using my own images, as one of my main roles within the company is to photograph new stock, and seen as these adverts usually show off new stock, it should be my photos that get used. In this example only the “eddingtons large cupcake tin” photo was one taken by me.

I found this advert quite challenging, compared to what I am used to, not creatively, unusually I knew exactly what I wanted to do with the ad as soon as I was told to make it, usually I spend hours scratching my head before I get settled on a design! but with this advert it was the products that I found challenging, my limit to cake knowledge is that I like eating them, other than this I’m pretty much stumped. Most of my time spent on this ad was researching products, and asking my colleagues about the products, I fear it will be quite a while before I get a solid grasp on these products, our site has over 7500! luckily, I only need to put a handful on each advert!

The colours in this advert aren’t displaying correctly online, the white text is quite hard to read, but in print this should sort itself out, as the colours should be slightly different, this also isnt the final image just yet, so I still have some time to tweak it before my deadline.

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