My Inquisitor Miniatures

This post is part of a series of showcase posts, where I show what models are in my miniatures collection. This one shows my current Inquisitor miniatures. The post may grow over time if I add more miniatures to my collection.

Inquisitor is a 54mmnarrative Wargame set in Games Workshop’s 40k universe.

My love affair with Inquisitor started pretty much the day of release. I’d played Warhammer fantasy roleplay (WFRP for those in the know), warhammer fantasy battle & Warhammer 40k for as long as I could remember. Then they brought out this game and I was totally hooked. A large scale mini game where I could actually use a Character in 40k! Brilliant!
The First model I bought was the Sniper model. This was the Slick Devlan model, converted to be given a sniper rifle. Typically, everyone else had bought either Artemis (the space marine), or witch hunter tyrus (also in power armour…), so most of my first few games were spent being torn to pieces. However, I soon bought Inquisitor Covenant, who helped me survive a little longer (thanks to his MIU linked psy cannon!). Then I got this crazy Idea that if everyone else was using a power armoured chap, then I’d use LOADS of guardsmen!! A complete command squad! So I set to work buying and building a command squad, from the Sgt Dorian Black and Major Jackson models as well as the conversion packs.

Here’s my complete collection laid out:


Inquisitor Imperial Guard Command squad:


The command Squad

The Colonel (and not a piece of fried chicken in sight!)

Veteran Sergeant – probably one of my favourite ever miniatures in my entire collection

Heavy Bolter gunner and loader – heavily converted

Special weapons/comms guy – currently unpainted

The commissar! – made from the limited edition Kal Jerico miniature

The sniper – converted sniper rifle and sculpted beret. First Inquisitor model I bought, hence why its a different style and paint job to the rest.

Inquisitor Covenant


Inquisitor Battle Brother Artemis

As yet unpainted!


Inquisitor gallery:



If anyone has the Inquisitor scale Vindicare assassin model that they would like to part with, I’ve been looking for one for over 10 years! willing to pay cash or trade for other goodies. Contact me via email if you have one!

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Chris has been a Wargamer since he was 12 years old, progressing through 40k, WFB now playing a diverse range of games from 15mm WW2, to space combat games, and even the odd game of judge dredd.

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