Tomohawwks and muskets.

Turn 1
French Indians – Indians move on the board
French irregulars – irregulars move on the board
French indians – one unit moves up the side of the table. Other two units shoot at the British irregulars. After two rounds of shooting they kill 5 Brits.¬† The rangers take a moral test and get “flight”
French Indians – Indians in the woods fire at the British side Indians. Misses. Two of the other units move up.
British Indians – Indians in the field return fire to the Indians in the woods. One hit. One kill! French Indians recoil.
British provincials
British provincials
British regulars – nothing to fire at.
End of turn 1
British irregulars – can’t do anything until next turn¬† (flight)
End of turn 1

Turn 2
British irregulars – rangers move to try and get into cover
British Indians – reload
End of turn 1
British provincials
British provincials
British Indians – shoot at the Indians! 2 hits, 1 kill. Flight.
French Indians – the Indians that need to reload do so, the unit at the side moves again.
British regulars – move into a firing line
British irregulars – move into cover
British irregulars – move into different cover!
French irregulars – move onto the table into the woods.
French Indians – unit running up thetable get into the woods. Just.
Unit in the centre of the table move back up into the woods. The Indians at the back corner attempt a wild shot at the Indians in cover. Totally spoon it.
French officer – activate the Indians in the woods who fire at the British Indians. Who miss.
The militia move forward.
French regulars – move onto the table in front of the British regulars.
French Indians – everything moves forward!
French irregulars – move up through the woods.
French irregulars – one unit makes it to the centre of the table, the other moves to the edge of the woods.
British Indians – reload
French irregulars – far unit makes it further forward. Unit in the woods shoots at the redcoats. Long range, but as they’re in firing line it doesn’t count as long range ! Manages to kill 2. No reaction.
British Indians – run forward toward the woods. Attack is the best form of defence! Possibly. Maybe?
British regulars – pivot a bit to return fire at the French irregulars. At which point we find out the Brit regulars are 5+ to hit starting! Rubbish! Need 7’s to hit. Get 2 hits. No kills.
British officer – irregulars shoot the Indians. Hit one but fail to kill.
British irregulars – reload

Turn 3
British irregular reserves come on
Britishirregulars – reserves move on. Three guys in cover fire, miss.
British Indians – fire at Indians near building – one hit. One kill. Recoil.
British officer – rangers reload. Regulars move.
End of turn 1
British Indians – reload.
French Indians – the far unit reloads, the unit that got shot at moves behind the building and is joined by their officer. Unit at the rear reloads.
Unit that got all the way up the board moves back away from the new reserves.
British irregulars. New reserves shoot! Two hits! No kills!
Old rangers move into a “better” position
French irregulars – shoot at British redcoats. Miss. Reload.
British Indians – move through the woods
End of turn

Turn 4
British provincials come on.
French irregulars. Unit powering over the board moves into the woods.
British Indians – charge! Unit charges out the woods at the French Indians. French lose no one but the Brits lose 1, no reaction. Next round the French loose 1 and Brits take no casualties! 3rd round French lose 1, brits loose none. The French get 1. They get flight. Runoff the board.
British regulars. – fire at the guys in the woods. 1 hit. No kills. Reload.
British provincials – come on the board, move on then fire. Get 2 hits but fail to kill
British provincials – reload.
British regulars – fire at the guys in the woods. Get one kill! Reload.
French Indians – rear unit reloads, middle unit moves in between the buildings, the far unit tries to meet up with them.
French irregulars – move back into the position they just veycated.
Onesfurthur up return fire at the British provincials. 3 hits, 2 kills! Tres bien! Provincials recoil.
French Indians – move up between the buildings. Far ones fire at the rangers. Miss.
British Indians – move back into the woods.
French Indians – charge the 4 rangers! Tue marathon runner unit moves into the woods.
Rangers get no hits French get 1, rangers “flight”, 2 more get killed as they run away. One remains.
French irregulars – far unit reloads. Unit firing at the redcoats gets one kit and one kill. Redcoats don’t care.
French regulars – move forwards once then shoot the redcoats. 3 hits, 1 kill. ‘Not a single fuck was given that day’ by the redcoats moral test.
British officers – British provincials move forwards. Redcoats move towards the enemy.
British irregulars – reserve unit moves forward towards the woods. Other single guy has to stand still.
French Indians start to withdraw.
Unit in the woods shoot the other Indians in the far woods. Miss.
British Indians – move back towards the buildings.
British irregulars – move!
British irregulars – move!
British irregulars – move!
British Indians – shoot the Indians. Kill 3! The last one runs off.
End of turn.

End of game.

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