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This post is part of a series of showcase posts, where I show what models are in my miniatures collection. This one shows my current Battlefleet Gothic Ships. The post may grow over time if I add more miniatures to my collection.

Battlefleet Gothic is a game produced by Games Workshop, it’s been through a couple of versions (I THINK the first was called “Space Fleet”), it was officially classed by GW as a “Specialist game” and because of this, was discontinued along with the rest of the specialist games in march 2013.

I first played Battlefleet gothic as it came out in it’s current form, at the time I was gaming every week in my local Games Workshop store. With the new game coming out we played it quite a bit in the first couple of months, but, in our club it didn’t really take off, and, at least the way we played it (pretty sure we didn’t understand the rules properly) it was pretty slow. Not much happened in the games so it kinda died off.
Recently though at my (new) local club West Coast Gamers we played it, and I loved it! Maybe it’s because Rick (who brought in the game) knew what he was doing, so we got a good game, or maybe it’s just because I’m a bit older and understand it better now, but I couldn’t get enough.
I missed the opportunity to buy any of the remaining stock from GW after they discontinued everything, so I turned to ebay and bought up a fleet.

So far, as you’ll see, I have most of it painted. It’s not the most exciting paint scheme, and to be fair they aren’t the most interesting ships to paint, but, they are quick and easy. I think I painted everything you can see below in one day’s painting (spread over 2-3 nights I think), so really quick, and nice enough results for a club night gaming table.

Love my Battlefleet Gothic Ships, and I’ll keep playing BFG now for a long time to come (unless a battlestar galactica game comes out any time soon!)

Batlefleet Gothic Ships - Complete fleet

Battlefleet Gothic Ships – Complete fleet

The imperial Battlefleet Gothic ships are really nice ships, but quite “samey”. From a distance it’s hard to see the difference between the ships, but once you get to know what the different weapons are it’s not too hard to tell them apart.
It does make it easier to put name labels on the base though! I will be doing this pretty soon once I get them all finished.

Batlefleet Gothic Ships -Retribution Battleship

Battlefleet Gothic Ships -Retribution Battleship

This was the only Battleship available when I went on a mad purchasing frenzy on ebay. The Battleships are CRAZY amounts of points, but definately worth it in bigger games that require the support of Conan Exiles server hosting. Lots of shields and loads of hitpoints to soak up damage!

I put this figure on a bigger base too, The stalk is actually a golf tee, as the original stalk was way too thin to hold the weight of the ship (it’s solid metal!)

Batlefleet Gothic Ships -Painted Cruisers

Battlefleet Gothic Ships -Painted Cruisers

My collection of painted cruisers.

Batlefleet Gothic Ships - Dauntless Light Cruiser

Battlefleet Gothic Ships – Dauntless Light Cruiser

Love these light cruisers. Nice and fast. Unfortunately, They generally find themselves so far ahead of the main fleet they end up getting picked off!

Batlefleet Gothic Ships - Sword frigates

Battlefleet Gothic Ships – Sword frigates

Sword frigates can be useful when used together in groups, They are only escorts though so only one hit point!

Batlefleet Gothic Ships - Cobra escorts

Battlefleet Gothic Ships – Cobra escorts

Mass of small cobra escorts. These guys may look small, but when grouped together they can pack a mean punch when launching a salvo of torpedoes!

Batlefleet Gothic Ships - Fighters & Bombers

Battlefleet Gothic Ships – Fighters & Bombers

Fighters and bombers, Only got a couple of these models, but I’ll be buying some more from another manufacturer very soon, as fighters are much more important than I first gave them credit for! a well placed bomber run can REALLY do damage against an unsuspecting cruiser!

Batlefleet Gothic Ships - Firestorm frigates

Battlefleet Gothic Ships – Firestorm frigates

Some more frigates.

Batlefleet Gothic Ships - Magnatised Cruisers

Battlefleet Gothic Ships – Magnatised Cruisers

My new cruisers were given magnatised weapons so that I can swap out the weapons and run different ships in different games. As the models are a lot rarer these days, this will give me a lot more flexibility in my games. I wrote about how I magnatised them in this blog post Magnatising Battlefleet Gothic Ships

Batlefleet Gothic Ships - Magnatised Cruisers

Battlefleet Gothic Ships – Magnatised Cruisers


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Chris has been a Wargamer since he was 12 years old, progressing through 40k, WFB now playing a diverse range of games from 15mm WW2, to space combat games, and even the odd game of judge dredd.

3 Responses

  1. Barsons

    Hey Chris,

    Nice to see you went for the Imperial fleet- it looks like you’ve amassed a substantial one too. We often have games down in Peterborough where contrary to popular belief the Imperial fleet holds up rather well against the others.

    There’s several tactica’s out there is shape your thinking and play style but to summarise the fleet works well on the basis of “Nelson’s Navy” getting in there with your cruiser squadrons and utilising what carriers you have to swat away the oppositions attack or launch bombers in support as necessary.

    Do you also have any battlecruisers in there?

    • Chris Sutherland

      Hey Mate, Good to hear from you (sorry it’s taken a while to reply),

      We’ve mainly been playing just standard crusier clashes, one of the lads at the club has an eldar fleet, another has a tau fleet and then another lad has an imperial fleet and a chaos one.
      We’ve played a few games so far and just getting to grips with what everything does. I started out not really caring much about carriers, then realised just how powerful they are after one pretty much dominated the table when it was put on.
      Since then I’ve picked up a few more ships, and went the magnetizing route. Given me much more freedom to get the best out of the ships doing it that way.
      If you’re ever in the north west mate, drop me a line! (and bring your fleet! 😉

      • Barsons

        Hey Chris,

        Don’t worry about it and if I’m in the region the effort will definately be made.

        That sounds like a good mix. For the most part it’s Chaos versus my Imperials however there seems to be some interest in Necrons from several parties.

        We’ve tried a scenario down here called The Raiders. In terms of both attack and defence there’s challenges to be had and it rarely lasts more than four turns- the attackers are outnumbered in points 2;1!

        You can’t match other races in terms of output but you’re right in what you say in the article- one decent wave can definately do damage or even restrict others from doing it to you. You also have torpedoes in bulk and Nova Cannons.

        Check this link out in the meantime along with some of the Armageddon Appendices/Community ship rosters for alternative classes too.

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