My Aeronautica Imperialis Miniatures

This post is part of a series of showcase posts, where I show what models are in my miniatures collection. This one shows my current Aeronautica imperialis ships. The post may grow over time if I add more miniatures to my collection.

I first got into Aeronautica Imperialis, typically about a week after Games Workshop Discontinued it! A chap named Rick at My local wargames club brought it in one night for a quick game. I was hooked instantly, the fast paced nature of the game, coupled with the novelty of the card based actions and the funny flying bases with altitude and speed on them made for a very enjoyable game. I generally don’t put up posts about any of my Games Workshop related mini’s/games, but As these models are part of my collection, and I’m cataloguing my collection online, I guess their aught to be a post with them in!

I don’t have much in the way of AI yet, as prices are currently rather silly (due to being discontinued fairly recently), however I do have enough to put on a small game and others at my local club have some too.


Here’s my complete collection laid out:

[singlepic id=2695 w=580 h=435 float=]


Imperial Aeronautica Imperialis planes:


Imperial Lightening fighters
[singlepic id=2696 w=580 h=435 float=]


Imperial Ground units:


Hydra Flak emplacements
[singlepic id=2699 w=580 h=435 float=]


Ork Aeronautica Imperialis planes:


Ork Fighters
[singlepic id=2697 w=580 h=435 float=]


Ork Bombers
[singlepic id=2698 w=580 h=435 float=]


Aeronautica Imperialis gallery


[nggallery id=16]


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