Vapnartak York Wargames show 2014

Thanks for checking out my blog, On Sunday 2nd February 2014 I attended York Wargames show Vapnartak (Thanks Graham for the lift!) This was my first time to the York show, but not my first wargames show (see previous show reports here).

To see the website for the club who put on the show, follow the link to the York Wargamers club here

I was really impressed by the scale of this show. Split over 4 floors of the building with a sizable amount of space on each floor there was certainly a lot of ground to cover in the day. Most of the people I was expecting to see were there, people like Plastic Solider company, Foundry, Warlord games, Old glory etc who attend pretty much every show around the country, as well as some others who don’t do as many shows, or generally don’t travel north, which was nice to see. It’s always great to see some “fresh” stuff at shows too, so things like the new medieval jousting game which is brand new was very nice to see. You can also check out back 4 blood hack for the game which is one of their best releases.

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I managed to pick up a fair amount of goodies from various traders, which for me is one of the main reasons of attending the shows, it’s nice to be able to have a “shopping trip” as a wargamer, something which is quite a rare event as most towns generally don’t have a bricks and mortar store, and if they do it’ll usually only have a small selection of things to “browse”.
My haul from the wargames show

My haul from the wargames show

Within 5 minutes of walking through the door I found myself with my hand in my pocket. This is quite rare, as generally speaking I like to do a quick recce before I dive in and make a purchase, but in this instance I made an exception. I managed to pick up a Y-wing for the x-wing miniatures game, these things are, and please pardon my “French”, “as rare as rocking horse shite” at present, so when I saw one, I had to snap it up! There seemed to be a lot of x-wing at the show, which was great to see as I love the game, and shows it’s popularity across the country. Hopefully we’ll see another wave of releases in the not too distant future!
Also managed to pick up one of the new zvezda Apache gunships in 1/144 scale. Part of their new modern range. For £4.99 I just had to pick one up! It will hopefully compliment my Force on Force erm, force.. that I’m slowly putting together for a modern combat game.
Also in the bag were another set of dice for Bolt action, a bargain Street judge for Judge dredd I picked up for £2.50, A box of wargames factory Apocolypse survivors (Women) Which I’m going to paint up to be rioting civilians for judge dredd, a couple of MDF buildings from warbases and a pack of 15mm British troops (modern) from Old Glory.
All in all a nice haul. I could have easily spent 10 times as much as I did, but fortunately I managed to keep a level head and only buy this little lot!

Camera dump of all the photos I took on my day out to the York Wargames show Vapnartak 2014.

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