Hi! Thanks for checking out my Blog. This post is just a gallery post. Included in this page are the Sheffield Triples Wargames show photos which I took at the Show on the 18th May 2013. The Show is put on by the Sheffield wargames Society. This was my first trip over to triples and I have to say I was very impressed. I did a couple of laps of the show to see what things I could spend my pennies on, then I went round a couple of times with the camera. This post is me just dumping all those photos online, so I apologies if there are some blurry/generally crap photos. I’ll go through them in detail and write a proper post about the day later on, but after 6 hours and 320 miles of driving, and 6 hours walking round the hall, I’m pretty much too tired to do that tonight!

Please feel free to comment below. Especially if you see yourself, or have info about one of the games/retailers in the photos! Thanks.




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