Batman Miniatures Game – Battle of the Speedsters

Hi, thanks for looking at my blog, this post is kind of a test. I’ll be ‘live blogging’ the post into an app, recording a game by writing down some key points as they happen, as well as taking a few photos and updating them into the post and we’ll see what we end up with at the end of the night! Hopefully it’ll be an After Action Report (or BatRep) worth reading!
This game is taking place at the Aspatria branch of West Coast Gamers. We are a few weeks into our first Batman Miniatures Game (BMG) league, and this is my first opportunity to use the new rules from the Flash/Arrow expansion. Both myself and my opponent (Mark) will be using the new Flash, along with the rules from the new book. Our league stipulates you keep the same crew throughout the season (I.e. You start with a Batman crew, you continue with a batman crew), however you can change which miniatures are used each game. This gives some consistency to the league, but allows people to try new lists out and more importantly allows everyone to use their shiny new toys!
This game is a standard 250 rep, $1500 funding game.
Ambush in Gotham (scenario from the new book)
Mark –
Commissioner Gordon
Red hood (ark ham knight)
GCPD Detective
‘Tonfa ‘
Bravo (swat) (whistle, handcuffs, magazine)
Turn 1
Mark pulls the dice for take the lead
Marks flash uses super speed 3 – no paradox. Moves up the side of the building to go for bravo.
Chris’ flash uses super speed 2, fails paradox. Fatigue 2 stun and knock down

Marks epic 4 dice 3’s to hit!

Chris’ flash runs inTo contact with Gordon. Uses 6 attacks (speed force) hits 3 times causing 3 damage
Red hood bat laws into combat with bravo (with flash) causes 4 damage (all stun)
Batman uses his bat law and gets into combat with bravo. Also ends up causing 4 stun damage after attacking 4 times.
Gordon stands up to attack the flash but misses.
Batgirl uses her bat law to get into contact with the loot.
Bravo and Tonfa attack batman but both miss.
Mark 1 bat signal
Chris 1 loot
Turn 2
Mark takes the lead.
Speed phase, mark uses fast combo and rapid disarm. (Bravo)
Chris uses fast combo then super speed 2. Fails paradox and gets fatigue.
Marks flash hits bravo with a combat push. Fails the damage roll so fails the push. Then runs down the building into contact with the Titan.
Chris’ flash attacks Gordon. Causes one stun with a knock down.
Marks red hood bat laws onto wagon and uses his pistol to shoot batgirl. Gets one good hit which knocks her down and causes 1b 1s.
Batman uses 5 attacks on bravo and Tonfa, through misses and defence rolls he ends up missing. He then bat laws up to the batsignal and turns it on.
Marks gcpd detective moves into the riddle and solves it with a 6! 3vp!
Chris’ bravo moves away from the ledge after last turns scare. Moves a counter to special so he can roll an extra recovery dice later.
Gordon stands up then moves away from the flash.
Batgirl stands up, throws her batlings at red hood. Double 1. Typical.
Marks bravo and Tonfa both move away from batman.
Mark – 2vp Titan, 3 riddle
Chris – 4vp bat signal, 1 loot
Turn 3
Chris takes the lead.
Speed phase
Chris metabolises a wound and uses fast combo
Mark uses fast combo and speed level 3 (no paradox) moves towards batgirl
Chris’ flash moves into contact with Gordon and causes 2 stun.
Marks flash moves into contact with batgirl. Knocks her out!
Batman bat laws over the gap into combat with red hood. 5 attacks, manages 1 successful strike so 2 stun.
Red hood fires at unconscious batgirl, causes 1 extra blood. Then bat laws down to the Titan.
Chris’ bravo moves to the edge of the building. Fires at Tonfa. Hits but no damage. 1 stun scratch
Marks bravo moves towards batgirl (and the loot)
Marks gcpd moves towards the riddle. Rolls a 1, refills with detective and gets a 2. No vp.
Gordon hits flash and causes 1 stun.
Tonfa also moves in and knocks flash down.
Mark – 3vp free agent knockout. 1 loot, 2 Titan.
Chris 4vp batsignal
Turn 4
Chris takes the lead.
Speed phase. Chris does hyper fast combo no paradox.
Mark uses super speed 2. No paradox. Moves up onto the trailer with the bat signal.
Chris’ flash stands up then hits Tonfa mad Gordon with 9 hyper attacks. Does 2 stun and a knock down on Gordon, then 1 stun on Tonfa
Marks flash moves into the bat signal then turns it off.
Batman bat laws over to the flash. 5 attacks. No damage.
Bravo (mark) arrests batgirl.
Chris’ bravo shoots Tonfa hits and wounds which knocks her out. (1vp)
Marks gcpd detective moves toward the ammo.
Gordon fails to hit flash.
Red hood sits on the Titan.
Mark – 2vp Titan, 1vp arrest, 1vp bat signal, 1vp loot
Chris – 1vp knockout Tonfa
Turn 5
Chris takes the lead.
Both flashes do fast combo and muscle growth.
Chris flash knocks out Tonfa but misses Gordon. Moves into contact with the ammo.
Marks flash attacks 6 times on batman. Causes 1 stun damage.
Batman claws down to bravo then knocks him out with 4 attacks. Now in contact with the loot
Chris bravo moves to shoot red hood. Hits but he dodges.
Red hood shoots back. Hits once and wounds.
Gordon moves a counter into special.
Mark 3vp ammo, 2 vp Titan, 1vp batsignal
Chris 1 vp loot, 3vp ammo, 1vp OK bravo
Turn 6
Mark takes the lead.
Speed phase mark uses hyper speed. Fails the paradox roll and gets fatigue.
Chris’ flash uses same as last turn. Double hits and +1 to damage.
Batman bat laws up to flash and does 4 damage while he’s on the floor. Turns on signal
Flash gets up then turns off the batsignal
Chris flash moves into combat with Gordon. Knocks him out.
Bravo (mark stands up.
Mark 1loot, 3 ammo, 3 mission, 2vp Titan 1vp batsignal
Chris 3vp KO Gordon
Mark – 33
Chris 21
A really enjoyable game!
Speedsters were pretty simple to get the hang of, and they played really well. I was worried they wouldn’t be balanced but they seem to be from this little test game!
Mark’s flash worked far better than mine, whether it be dice rolls or poor choices. Mine didn’t do half as well as Marks.
Batgirl was the weakest character by far on my side. Instead of her, I could have taken 2 cops. Either Tonfa and gcpd detective or maybe the stun gun guy (COD’ they’re the ones I own). The two characters would have played out levitra cost better than just 1. Even if both died they’d give similar vp’s and probably have more impact. A lesson learned for next time!
Batman performed well for me, especially the last minute damage on flash. If only I’d damaged 3 times instead of 2 I’d have knocked him out!! Nevermind.
Gordon got picked on all game and never managed to work to full effect. But in his defence he held out for the whole game!
Although when he wakes up at the station he won’t be too pleased to find his daughter in a cell. Curtosy of mark’s bravo!
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