Blyth Battery ww2 Open Day May 2012

Blyth Battery Open Day May 20th 2012

At time of writing, 25th November 2013, I’m slightly behind on this post! But, I thought I’d lost these images, fortunately I had named the folder they were stored in incorrectly, so I found them again! Huzzah!

These photos were taken while wandering round Blyth Battery open day on 20th May 2012, At Blyth Battery on the waterfront at Blyth Beach in Northumberland.

Blyth Battery History

Blyth Battery was built in 1916 as a coastal defence artillery battery. It’s role was to defend the port of Blyth and the submarine base during the War. In 1925 it was managed by the local authorities until it was recommissioned for service in World War II.  It comprises of two building groups, a twin coast defence gun emplacement and a twin searchlight emplacement. Each with their own associated buildings.


The open day

The open day at the battery was filled with reenactments and plenty of things to see. I only managed to pop down for a short time, but still managed to snap lots of pictures. The local TA unit (Artillery) brought a 25pdr gun which had demonstrations on all day, and there was a working panzer III tank (i believe is actually a converted 432), very impressive! Lots of people in uniforms, lots of authentic kit on show including weapons, vehicles & sundries. They even had an Auster aeroplane! A great day out. I had thought I’d completely lost all of these photos, so I was glad to find this lot. The ones of the actual battery seem to have disapeared, but these ones are still worth showing! Plenty of the tank and a few more.


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